Food Handler Training Course Objectives

Here are just a few of the student learning outcomes that our students achieve:

  • Knowledge of food-borne illness
  • Definition and recognition of potentially hazardous foods
  • Contamination of food, and the illnesses that can be associated with food contamination
  • The relationship between personal hygiene and food safety
  • Methods of preventing food contamination in all stages of food handling
  • Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils
  • Problems and potential solutions associated with temperature control, preventing cross-contamination, housekeeping, and maintenance.

And more!

The Food Handler Program meets all State requirements for individuals working with un-packaged food, food equipment, or food-contact surfaces in food establishments. This course can be completed 100% online, smartphone friendly, and is only $6.99. 

Payment options include PayPal and  Click above on the words "Food Handler Training Course & Exam" above for payment and enrolment options.